We’re Going On Tour!

We mentioned yesterday that we have some exciting news to share with you guys. Starting August, 11th we will be hitting the road, and going on our first tour as The Ohio Weather Band. Not all of our dates are booked yet, so if you have any suggestions for the dates without venues listed, feel free to suggest away! The city doesn’t have to be exactly what’s posted, we’re willing to do something in the area.

We’re eager to take our band on the road, and hopefully will be able to meet with those of you who aren’t right in our backyard. The dates are as follows:

Leavin’ The Loft Tour

8/11: Pittsburgh, PA – Need venue
8/12: NY, NY – Parkside Lounge
8/14: Philadelphia, PA – Kung Fu Necktie
8/15: Harrisonburg, VA – Clementine
8/16: Charlotte, NC – The Tavern
8/17: Huntsville, AL – Copper Top Dive and Dine
8/18: Nashville, TN – Winner’s (Whiskey Jam)
8/19: Huntingburg, IN – Gaslight Pizza and Grill
8/20 Louisville, KY – Third Street Dive
8/21 Chicago, IL – Auxiliary Arts Center
8/22 Grand Rapids, MI – Need venue
8/23 Lorain, OH – Artshop Beer Festival
8/23 Show #2 – New Philadelphia, OH James Short Memorial Skate Session

More details, and possibly dates will be posted soon. See you when we see you!